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Jim is completely comfortable with open conversations about his material and thoroughly enjoys respectful debate and callers. Please use these questions only as a guide and feel free to expand or improvise to suit the needs of your program and audience!

What does it mean to Think Like a Black Belt?

What are some of the characteristics of a Black Belt Mindset?

Why is Black Belt Mindset important in today’s world?

How does Black Belt Mindset apply to business or personal success?

What, exactly, is success? Can anyone become successful?

Do you need to be a martial artist to Think Like a Black Belt?

How important is mindset to success?

Is this just another “positive thinking” philosophy?

How do the Dynamic Components of Personal POWER help you Think Like a Black Belt?

How do you define POWER and what are the Dynamic Components of Personal POWER?

What are some of the Top 5 Lies About POWER?

Could Black Belt Mindset help our politicians & business leaders solve some of today’s problems?

Can you explain your phrase: “Perfection is not a destination, but a never-ending process…?”

Recent Posts

C-Suite Sensei – Jim featured in Madinah Institute webinar: Leadership for Maximum Engagement

MILE Webinar Promo w LogoYou are invited to a very special free webinar hosted by The Madinah Institute for Leadership and Entrepreneurship…

C-Suite Sensei – Compassionate Leadership for Maximum Engagement and Productivity

Business leaders around the world continue to face challenges in engaging the workforce and increasing productivity with leaner processes and resources.

What are the keys to higher levels of engagement and productivity?

What role does the leader play in this process?

In this unique personal session:

  • The role of leader as “Sensei”- teacher, mentor and coach
  • Compassion as a strength
  • Engaging people through purpose
  • Leading personal and professional development to drive production

What you can expect from this session:

  • A complete understanding of “Sensei Leadership,” compassionate leadership and it’s application to inspire, motivate and increase performance
  • How to cultivate and maintain authentic and productive relationship between leaders and the workforce
  • The power of personal and professional development as inseparable components of engagement and individual productivity
  • How to tap into self-interest and purpose on an individual level to strengthen organization outcomes


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